K-Pop Star Hunt 2 Singapore: An experience to remember

Like many people, I’ve always had the wish of  being able to perform on stage, but truthfully, I’d never thought a person with a lack of self-esteem as such as myself would actually be able to fulfill that wish.

I decided to send in my video audition and was pleasantly surprised to be one of the 150 shortlisted contestants to be chosen for the auditions. There were an additional 300-odd hopefuls who came for the walk-in auditions.


Awkward me in the front row.

We went into the audition room in threes, and it was pretty nerve-wrecking because I was in the third group. Accompanied by my guitar, I opted to go with INFINITE‘s ‘In the Summer’ and became the first auditionee to advance to the Final 16. They gave us comments and I remember them telling me to smile more. I guess I must have looked really nervous.

The next day was the finals at Plaza Singapura and the morning was really fun because we were treated to sponsored clothing at Tangs Singapore (I decided on a leather jacket). Fast forward to the afternoon, Tony An made an appearance as guest judge, we all went on stage to perform and the rest is history.

The whole experience was great and I made a bunch of friends with similar interests whom I still keep in contact with. I thought all of us got along really well, and instead of being competitive, we helped and gave each other tips so it was an absolute pleasure getting to know them. Most importantly, being on stage, even though it wasn’t a big one, was a great confidence booster.


Lastly, here are a few things I learnt from those two days:

  • Instead of choosing difficult songs, choose songs that you are comfortable with and fits your ability best.
  • Choose songs that you are familiar with.
  • Try not to choose songs that are too popular because that incites more comparison.
  • Know who your judges are – don’t choose songs that they might be really familiar with (unless you are really, really confident).
  • Last season’s audition focused a lot on vocals. It’s a bonus if you can dance well, but vocal ability is definitely still the most important.
  • Try to get as many friends as you can to come and support during your performance! When you’re on stage, there is really nothing more reassuring than cheers and applause.
  • It is normal to be nervous – the key is controlling it, which brings me back to my previous point of having support from the audience.
  • Have fun on stage – we are all here for the love of performance and the music!

Because even if you don’t get to go to Seoul to compete with the rest, you might still get your five seconds of fame on TV! :)

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