K-pop Roundabout (Sep 1 – Sep 10)

It’s been a busy September with a lot of new releases in K-Pop recently, so what’s caught our attention so far?

Can KARA get anymore gorgeous? So maybe their music is starting to sound constantly influenced by their Japanese endeavours all the time now, but we’re still digging the androgynous concept the girls are pulling off for ‘Damaged Lady’ (though I swear everyone looks more pretty than masculine at any one time). Their third Korean studio album ‘Bloom’ has been released as well, so it’s worth checking out for KARA fans!

The girls of Apink have decided to bless us with behind-the-scenes footage of their MV for ‘NoNoNo’ – and unabashedly devote it into another MV for ‘U You’, off their latest mini album ‘Secret Garden’. But for what it’s worth, we think the girls are adorable, and it’s heartening seeing them goof around!

In a really fun and quirky MV full of little men worshipping the ladies of Ladies’ Code, we reckon ‘Pretty Pretty’ is one of the cutest things ever. Considering the group only debuted in March this year, they’ve definitely caught our attention for proving they’ve got some fun music. (P/S: our favourite moment in the MV is at 1:26, where EunB gets the most adorable boy giving her gifts and holding up ‘I ♥ You’ cards. Too cute!)

With creepy skulls and a graveyard (which reminds me of BIGBANG‘s ‘Tell Me Goodbye’) and everything, BtoB‘s ‘Thriller’ unfortunately isn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. The chorus seemingly lacks punch, and I just don’t really feel any spark, or grittiness for a track and concept that’s supposed to be a lot edgier compared to the group’s previous works. That said, ‘Thriller’ isn’t a bad song, and one that grows on you with each listen.

Ah…ZIA & Lee Hae Ri’s (of Davichi) and their MV for collab single ‘If You Loved Me’ is just out to break our hearts…K-drama style. Featuring INFINITE‘s Hoya and Sunny Hill‘s Misung, we get a sob-fest worthy MV of Hoya as a ceramic artist who loses his eyesight and well…you get the drift. The song itself is a gorgeous ballad though, and both ladies have done a great job at bringing the melancholy message across. Props!

Filmed in East London, G-DRAGON is a hot, hot mess in ‘Crooked’. I love everything from his blonde hair (yay to no more funky hairstyles for now) to the song’s catchy beat and wayfarer nature. Also great: his MV for ‘COUP D’ETAT’ which was released prior to ‘Crooked’. The idol has also taken to Twitter to express interest in filming MVs for other tracks off his new album, so fans can try your luck if you’ve got some good ideas in mind. We’re pretty sure GD is open to just about…anything.

Park Jin Young, better known as JYP, recently dropped the MV for ‘Had enough parties’ off newest EP ‘Halftime’, and it’s one of the more intriguing concepts we’ve seen in a while. It kind of makes one self-reflect, doesn’t it? About how we might end up on different paths in life, but at the end of the day just want to be loved. Interesting.

Bangtan Boys, or BTS, are perfectly polished rebels going against an opposing force in ‘N.O’. I am loving the energy, fierceness and power packed into the song, choreography, and every single member executes their roles to a T. Okay it might seem as though these adolescents hate school in every single MV they’ve dished out so far, but why not channel all that angst into their craft, right?


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