Teen Top: ‘Teen Top Class’ album review

The boys of Teen Top have returned with a smashing new mini-album, ‘Teen Top Class‘. There are no surprises in there – the tidy package of 5 full songs and 1 introductory track stay true and loyal to the Teen Top style – a main course of heavy electronic dance tracks along with R&B/hip-hop flavoured … Continue reading

NU’EST: ‘Sleep Talking’ album review

When NU’EST first debuted, it was hard to tell if they’d quickly rise in popularity simply due to the sizeable amount of boy groups already vying for our attention. Besides, while the whole ‘electro-pop’ concept was interesting, it isn’t something that hasn’t been done before in K-pop (it’s a real challenge trying to come up … Continue reading

f(x): ‘Pink Tape’ album review

I love f(x), even though they don’t always have the most coherent songs. But then again, that’s really what makes their music so interesting. And second full-length album ‘Pink Tape’ is full of eclectic tracks that show off the group’s personality and inclination towards experimenting. While leading tracks ‘Rum Pum Pum Pum’ and ‘Shadow’ have … Continue reading