SPICA: Unleashing their inner hipsters ‘Tonight’

SPICA is my favourite girl group, and for good reason – they are one of the groups I absolutely love mainly because of their music and stellar vocals.They hardly appear together on variety shows, so the only times we actually get to see them are on music shows where they flaunt their amazing vocals. So … Continue reading

BEAST: Living in the ‘Shadow’

I am notorious for having such a short attention span – I can’t even watch a 4-minute long music video in its entirety. So it’s really saying a lot when I found myself sitting through the whole of BEAST‘s ‘Shadow’ MV barely even blinking. It was mesmerising and executed to perfection, and I would even … Continue reading

INFINITE: ‘Destiny’ is sleek & fast….but lacks solidity

Missed the manly side of INFINITE? Then you’re in for a treat with their latest comeback single, ‘Destiny’! Sticking with their significant 80s-pop sound, ‘Destiny’ has an unusually large amount of electro sounds and dubstep as compared to their previous songs. That’s because after working with Sweetune on seven consecutive singles, they’ve decided to change … Continue reading