K-Pop Star Hunt 2 Singapore: An experience to remember

Like many people, I’ve always had the wish of  being able to perform on stage, but truthfully, I’d never thought a person with a lack of self-esteem as such as myself would actually be able to fulfill that wish. I decided to send in my video audition and was pleasantly surprised to be one of … Continue reading

YG’s next boy group: Which Team are you on?

There’s a new show in town that’s got everyone talking, and it’s high time I’ve jumped onboard too. Yup, I’m talking about WIN: Who Is Next, a reality survival competition that will determine YG Entertainment‘s next boyband. The programme will air for ten weeks on Mnet, bringing the total episode count to ten before the … Continue reading

Tracking the growth of Lee Sunmi

I won’t say I’m not surprised that former Wonder Girls’ member Lee Sunmi has been given a chance to debut as a soloist. While a fairly decent singer (though I couldn’t tell much from her Wonder Girls days), this girl never really struck me as particularly charismatic or memorable enough to helm a solo debut, unlike say, … Continue reading