HELLOVENUS: ‘Would You Like Some Tea’ in Wonderland?

I’ll admit that amidst all the electro-heavy, futuristic dance tracks so many groups are dropping these days, I’m a sucker for the lighthearted, easy to sing along tracks that girl groups drop once in a while. It’s like how Girls’ Generation ‘My Best Friend’, SKarf‘s ‘My Love’ or SECRET‘s ‘1, 2, 3’ make me feel. … Continue reading

G.NA: Good-natured, flirty fun with ‘Oops’

It hasn’t even been a year since Cube‘s powerhouse soloist G.NA shimmied around with ‘2HOT’ back in May, but am I glad that newest promotional title track ‘Oops’ doesn’t sit anywhere near being pure… trashy pop. Yeah. So I wasn’t a big fan of ‘2HOT’. In fact, I really hated the fact that G.NA was … Continue reading

Ailee: Cranking up the divatude with ‘I Will Show You’

Amy Lee, better known to everyone as Ailee, first got me hooked with her rendition of BeyoncĂ©‘s ‘Halo’ on the ‘Singer and Trainee’ episode of MBC’s Chuseok special. She was absolutely stunning, had a ton of charisma, and although she hadn’t even officially debuted, she commanded many with her stage presence and vocals. When she … Continue reading