First Impressions: B1A4 Hello Baby

porninja: Two episodes down… I’m feeling a little underwhelmed, wouldn’t you agree? ponyforprez: Underwelmed? UNDERWELMED??? Sigh, I’m sorry but B1A4 as the new appas on this season of Hello Baby just doesn’t cut it for me. To think I was so excited for it to start too! Here, we discuss: How B1A4 Hello Baby compares … Continue reading

INFINITE Ranking King Episode 6 Recap

It’s time to decide the ultimate Knowledge King this week, and the members once again do all they can to not hit the bottom of the list and be labelled a complete doofus. The episode’s not terribly exciting, but it does have its funny moments, and we get to indulge in more comedic offerings from … Continue reading

INFINITE Ranking King Episode 5 Recap

When you pit seven boys together in a bid to get them to flex their innermost sporty selves in the form of an idol-version Olympics… only ego-fuelled chaos can ensue, which is a lot of what we get from this episode. It seems like the members are also aware of what their own strengths are, … Continue reading